Sunday, February 27, 2011

Living on the waters

Coast Guard helicopters circled over the Mardi Gras parades today.  It is a normal occurrence during Carnival, even before the storm.  They perform aerial security patrols.  Of course, seeing those orange buggies in the sky conjure up different thoughts than they did before Hurricane Katrina.  I remember seeing them before the storm and thinking, "Coast Guard?  What coast!  There are no beaches or oceans around here."  The possibility of a "typical" hurricane disaster didn't seem real to me.  We don't have a vast, scary, wave brewing sea to look over!  We have levees!  I have to drive three hours to go hang out at the beach!  Sure, you can look over the lake and the Mississippi River, but that serene squiggly stretch of water conjures up innocent boyish images of Mark Twain, riverboats, and frog catchin'.  It still doesn't feel like I live on the Gulf of Mexico.  I will see a seagull and say, "Where did that come from!"  It feels like I live in a bathtub.  Now, when the St. Patrick's Day parade rolls around and I get hit in the head with a bar of Irish Spring soap, then I am reminded of where home is!


  1. Haha "It feels like I live in a bathtub."

  2. We have the Coast Guard where I live, and I hear the helicopters flying over a lot because I live only a couple blocks away from the beach. The Coast Guard actually have a coastline to guard here.


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