Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mardi Gras Season

Yesterday Krewe du Vieux invigorated the spirit of Carnival. There were fantastical costumes, cheering crowds, loud vibrations from marching bands. I was not there. I stayed at home and deciphered food coupons then ventured to the grocery store:
Oscar Mayer Bacon 16 oz. Sale Price 2/$8-$1 Register Rewards Good on next purchase=Like paying 2/$7. See coupon for exclusions and limitations.
When did life become so strange? My life is "like" a life. I eat food without tasting the flavors. I feel the textures. Applesauce, mushy, smooth tiny beads finding their way into the small pockets inside my mouth. I feel the cold metal spoon as it leaves my puckered lips. The toughness of French bread is no match as my shark teeth bite hard and pull against the resistance of a loaf. Food enters my body like coins in a parking meter. Standing outside the store I see the streetcar packed so tight.  The passengers look like one solid color from the blended colors of each person piled together. New Orleans feels less gritty tonight, more polished. The storm gave us a wash. The air smells cleaner now. I can't tell a tourist from a native anymore. The girls are too young. Their ponytails are too tight. My memories, too distant. Behind the store are new condos where the projects used to be before the storm. Back then I used to buy candy for the little black kids. Once, at Christmas, I brought my old computer up to the store and gave it to the first kid I saw. I stand in line at Walgreens. The register goes "beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep." Mardi Gras season is here.

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