Friday, May 13, 2011

Scholarly Review of My Books

It is an honor to share a feature article and remarkable scholarly review of my books by Dr. Penne J. Laubenthal,  Swampland is referred to as the “field guide to the cultural American South.” It covers all things Southern, including music, sports, food, travel, place, myth, history, literature, commerce, art, film, and architecture. In the RiverVue section, Laubenthal’s voice goes beyond the many facets of literature. She captures a unique Southern slice of life. Her pieces are a joy to read. I am pleased to share this review with all of you.

The title Crumpled Paper Dolls set the scene for many of the poems in the first volume. Women, in both volumes, are like dolls---paper or porcelain. They crumple or they shatter. They are like little girls, appearing to be innocent and promising eternal love, but are actually Lolitas (as in the poem "Mother Fries Chicken"), at first tempting and then betraying.

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