Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hollow Plastic Santa

Holiday red, frozen white snowmen, and flickering strings of lights lead us to a much darker truth around Christmas. Loneliness, achy or nostalgic memories, bad times, and ill fortune are overshadowed by the brilliant, effervescently cheerful atmosphere that stings our senses until we are soggy and numb to the pain.

In addition to enjoying the haunt of a large, hollow plastic Santa, I embrace a deeper meaning of Christmas. Loss, yearning, struggle,
somberness, and fighting to live can spark a flurry of spiritual snow in December. The Broadway musical Rent always comes to mind this time of year. This heartfelt story depicts the beauty of adversity, triumph, and transformation around New Year’s. The play celebrates life and sends a message of tolerance, compassion, and acceptance. That seems a lot like Christmas to me. Take a listen to one of my favorite songs from Rent.

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