Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Black History Month

I hope for the day when celebrating a group of people is no longer required to affirm their value. True equality exists when the value of a race is assumed and the knowledge of their history is inherent. February facts on black history wake our consciousness to the much bigger issue of race relations. A personal, honest reflection on race makes Black History Month an observance for us all.     

Please take a listen to one of my favorite speeches pertinent to the awareness Black History Month brings to mind. Robert F. Kennedy addresses a mixed crowd of black and white on the day Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated. Kennedy deliveries empathy and King’s tenets of love, nonviolence, and unity to a crowd on the precipice of violence. Here is the speech that bonded two races and kept the peace. It is a heartfelt, impromptu speech that reaches through the rhetoric of politics and into the heart and soul.

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