Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Poor Saints

Poor Saints. Our beloved New Orleans football team is being punished for implementing bounty programs that encourage players to physically hurt opponents in a sport where an important objective is to physically hurt the opponent. The media frenzy, dumb and numb masses, and the politically correct, policed NFL have made an example out of our poor Saints. The team that brought a broken community together and rebuilt the spirit of New Orleans after Katrina will be washed away. When the Saints won the Super Bowl in 2010, dignity, pride, and self-respect filled our damaged homes and hearts. Smiles, laughter and tears danced in the streets and in second lines behind brass bands. We had something to be happy about. We held our heads up high. The world was perceiving us differently and we knew it.   

I played football in elementary, junior high, and high school. As a defensive back, I was coached to hit hard and take out the offensive players. It is your objective as a defensive player. How can doing your job get you in trouble? It is up to the referees on the field to adjudicate dangerous hits. If a player attempts to break the rules with a head to head blow or a late hit, then the penalty per game rules is justly administered. Football is a violent and dangerous sport where players are paid millions of dollars to subject their bodies to brutality by the strongest, biggest, meanest men known to man. Broken bones, surgeries, brain injuries, and even death are normal game-day risks.  

The philosophy of football cannot be legislated by our uber-sensitive, reactive culture ruled by the entitled, haughty, and overreaching. Your average media consumed American thinks they can dictate their morality, project their opinion, and cast their vote onto every sensational news report that they know nothing about. The world is not an American Idol program, sharks are not always eating people, everyone is not a sexual predator, and the New Orleans Saints are not bounty hunters out to kill people. We should all spend more time reading books, visiting children at cancer hospitals, and giving out hugs instead of policing everything all the time.

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