Sunday, August 12, 2012

Another Review For Exhuming Juliet

Exhuming Juliet gets reviewed by Times Beach Magazine! Learn more about this favorite book of mine by reading the article below. Add Exhuming Juliet to your bookshelf today!

I am proud to share the following book review from Times Beach staff writer and author Crystal Clemons:
"Nolan bravely shares his sweet and sensitive side as he writes about the beauty of love in its purest form. Many of Nolan's poems are infused with an overdose of sensuality and straight up sex. I blushed my way through it, partly feeling like I was an intruder spying on the intimacy of a couple while the other part was delighted and eagerly turning the page like I was reading a steamy Harlequin. The poems that I refer to as Hate Love were unsettling to read, as again I felt as though I was watching as an intruder, yet this time witnessing all the horrible things that people do to one another while claiming to love." READ MORE